Original Works

The Bride of Death

The first time Evineen met Death, she was 6 years old. She expected a scary demon with fire in his but what she got instead was handsom man with hair black as ink and eyes dark as a starless night.

Her childhood dog opened his eyes no more and death came to take him home.

“Do not cry child. For this is not the end. I have come to take your dog away to the land of the dead where he can wag his tale once more.”

“You promise?” She asked, eyes filled with tears. “You promise he will be happy?”

“Not only do I promise him happiness but I promise you will see him again and my word is never broken.” Her heart grew a little lighter and her tears dried up. When she went to hug him though, death moved out of her reach. “Alas my dear,” he said with a frown across his face, “You cannot touch me, for if you do you shall join your dog and your time has not yet come.” With a gallant bow he picked up her dog and disappeared.


The second time she saw Death was in the waiting room of St. Agnes  Hospital outside the room where her mother lay on the operating table. It had been a bad crash one that made the doctor shake her head and the nurses avoid her eyes. She sat and sat in the waiting room until she heard the door open and footsteps stop before her chair. When she looked up she saw the doctor her mouth set in a firm line. It was not her that captured Evineen’s attention however but rather the man of darkness that stood behind her. And though the doctor’s mouth moved to give  her the news she already knew everything she needed to.

“She’s gone isn’t she?”

“Yes. It is her time and she will know happiness forevermore.” This time the tears flowed freely and her heart cracked in two.

“I don’t know how to live without her. Take me with you.”

He gave her a sad smile and shook his head. “I can not. I will say this, you can live. You will live. Live for yourself. Be there for your father, your sister, your brother. Take care of one another. I will see you again my dear but do not look for my return.”  He disappeared and with his absence came an overwhelming pain that overtook her senses until all she could do was weep.

Death consumed her thoughts from that day on and he visited her in her dreams. She found herself drawn to wherever he might be, but as hard as she searched she could not find him. Her fascination drove away friends and family alike until she was a lone. She did not mind for she longed for death most of all.  She drew his face over and over again; an obession of the mind and heart. She could not explain it not even to herself, but is if she could she might say she was in love.


The last time Evineen saw Death she was 26 years old. With the passing years came her college graduation and the start of a career. She could not however find a love to replace her love of Death. In those years her father passed away and she mourned for him and her forced separation from him, her mother and Death. Her siblings had all moved away and she was still completely alone.

Then, she got sick and did not get better. Though her loved ones wept with sorrow he heart began to lighten as she knew Death was on his way.

One day as she lay half alseep in her hospital room she heard the creak of the opening door. She knew who it was. She would recognize that presence anywhere.

“Hello Death.” She said calmly without opening her eyes.

“Hello Evineen.” She loved the way her name sounded on his lips. “You know why I am here.” She nodded her heart rate picking up speed. “Look at me Evineen.” She looked, into his ever familiar eye; eyes she could melt in for eternity. A tear slid down her cheek and although he wanted to wipe it away he knew he could not touch her yet. As he looked down at her face he did not see the sickness that cause her cheeks to hollow or steal the brightness from her eyes. He only saw the beautiful woman that did not fear him.

“My time has come.” She whispered never taking her eyes off his.

“Yes. Do not cry my Evineen. You will.see your family again. Your parents are waiting your dog is ready and Life is willing to let you go.”

A part of her hesitated when she thought of her siblings but she knew in the end they would be fine. They had families of their own to love and tend to.

When she looked into Death’s eyes again she knew. He bent his face to hers and she kisses his cold dead lips.

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