Original Works

What Might Have Been.

People talk as if wondering what might have been is a bad thing. The worst thing really. But I think it is the best thing. Because if you know you might find out the person who has captured your affections is a cheater with a family of their own or that they will leave you for some one better.  When you know you know the feeling of heart break and a list of your failures. When you know you are reminded once again that you are not enough.

I would much rather not know. I would rather believe it could have been something beautiful. Maybe they could have been a mate for my soul. Maybe they could have given me a love I see in movies or read about in books. Maybe. Or maybe not. But I  dont know and I have the choice to keep it that way.

So stranger that I met for one beautiful night. I am faced with a choice. I can know and assuredly be disappointed or I could imagine what might have been and fondly remember the night of possibilities. The night I believed that magic might be real after all. I think I will choose the latter and always look back at that night with fondness and gratitude. Thank you for seeing me. Thank you for helping me see me. But I hope our paths do not cross again because then I would know and, my dear, I would rather wonder what might have been.

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