Rough Drafts Suck

No really they do. They are difficult to write and before they get revised they don’t come close to resembling the finished product. I am coming to terms with this fact.

It took me the longest time to be okay with this. Years to be exact. When I first started writing this story, I wrote not caring what the words sounded like just wanting to get my story down on paper. Sure I wanted  it be perfect so sometimes I might spend an hour or two on a single paragraph. But the more serious I got about writing the longer it took until soon it wasn’t hours spent on a section but days. I needed every word to fit perfectly and everything to be in its place. I restarted multiple drafts from scratch and my 40,000 word count becamr less and less. Writer’s block overtook me until I was left with nothing but blank pages. I was so hung up on the little details that I stopped writing completely. 

Because I am a writer the need to write would still nip at me but discouragement kept my writing to a minimum. During this time I wasn’t completely idle however. My plot recieved a complete makeover but I was also researching writing tips. I wanted to know what secrets published authors had and how they had managed to write a whole novel, some of them in so little time too. A common theme throughout was to avoid editing while writing and get the words on the page no matter how bad. You would think I would listen since I did want to be successful after all. But to me this motto was much easier said then done. I kept writing and erasing until I was back to square one.

I knew something needed to change if my story had any chance of being written let alone published. So gradually I began to write again. This time I didn’t spend hours on one scene but kept writing through it. I might cringe at cheesy dialogue but I know that no body else will read it at this stage  but me. Tgere will be plenty of time for editing later. My laptop breaking was a gift in disguise because the more I hand write the easier it is for the ideas to flow on the page. As of this weekend I have 2,000 words and counting. Now granted, this isn’t a lot in the big scheme of things but it is more than I have written in years. And you have to celebrate the little things right? 

I know this draft sucks but at least it is being written. The more I get done the more motivated I am to keep on writing. 

What about you my fellow writers. Is it easier for you to write and edit as you go? Or do you write and start the editing process after the first draft is complete? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading. I hope you all have a great rest of your weekend and a great week!

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