A Book Review~ Heartless


Have you ever read a book that you immediately fell in love with and knew it would forever change your life? I know I did. I had been hearing and seeing all the hype surrounding Marissa Meyer’s new book Heartless and considering she is one of my favorite authors I knew I had to give this book a try. Boy am I so glad I did! I mean first things first do you see that cover? Its breathtaking. I love the combination of  red and black and it looks like everything a Queen of hearts book should be. I had no choice but to give this book five stars.

Heartless  tells the story of the Queen of Hearts. Before she became the Queen most famous for chopping off heads her name was Catherine, and all she wanted in the world was to open up a bakery with her best friend. This dream became more of pipe dream however as she was the daughter of a Marquess and the King wanted to make her his bride.

The book started off slightly slower, taking it’s time to introduce each character and build up to the climax of the story. Each character was developed into a round dynamic individual that added something to the story. Considering this book was set in wonderland I was pleased to see so many of the original characters from Alice in Wonderland make appearances as well. Chesire cat was there, as was the caterpillar, mad hatter and the white rabbit. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum were mentioned as well as some other characters from through the Looking Glass.

Marissa did a wonderful job with the setting giving perfect detail to each scene so that it felt as if I were watching a beautiful movie rather than words on a page. As I read I felt as if I were reading another Lewis Carrol novel as Marissa incorporated so much from the books it kept that quirky bizarre goodness Alice in Wonderland was known for.

The love story in this book was beautiful and bittersweet, and I fell in love with Jest right along with Catherine which is not always something I do. There are so many books I have read where I couldn’t stand the love interest and began to question the protagonists sanity because of it. Jest was perfect for her however, and helped her grow through out the book to become who she was by the end of it. At first she was the perfect daughter doing everything her mother asked of her, planning her bakery in secret. But  by the end, after trial after trial, she became a queen. The only slightly negative aspect of the story was that I saw the twist coming a little early on and missed out on the shock I was supposed to feel. But that was really the only thing, everything else was amazing.

This book made me rage, laugh and cry and It was everything I wanted and more. Please, please give this book a try. I mean just look at the hard cover version below, it’s stunning.


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