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Random Musing after a Trying Week

Have you ever had the sensation of being trapped in your own body? As if your essence were a bird, and life the bird cage, trapping you in an eternal period of solitude and despair. You might wonder what I have to be so down about, and I wonder the same. So many have had it much worse than I, and here I am entertaining one over cast thought after another.

I thought of this today while at work, feeling sorry for myself and my inability to take flight. I seem to be good at this now, the activity of feeling sorry for myself. It’s not something to be even remotely proud of and instead of choosing to do something about it, I wallow and do nothing, destined to repeat myself the next day and the day after that.

I can’t help but wonder what true freedom would be like; to not have anything holding me back or chaining me to reality. But the world is not like that and we must make of it what we can. And some day I hope the only thing preventing me from taking life by the proverbial balls are my own doubtful thoughts. Of those I feel I could overcome with time and a great deal of effort. Until then I will continue to work towards the goal I have set and be prepared to celebrate when, not if, I reach it.

You might wonder what the point of this post is and honestly I’m wondering that too. I thought I would write as the inspiration struck and let the figurative ink hit the virtual page. I know this post was a bit out of character but the drive to write it down was too strong. If you read this thank you, and if it bored you I do apologize. Lighter content will follow shortly.

I would like to close in gratitude to all the veterans who have fought and served to protect the rights and the freedoms of the people. Thank you.

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