3 Books I Hope Hit the Big Screen

I don’t know about you, but finding out that one of my favorite books is hitting the big screen is like having a second birthday. There’s a sense of anticipation to finding out which actors will be chosen to play the characters you love and know so well. Sometimes they get it right and some times they don’t. Jack Reacher anyone? With more and more book to movie adaptations that have been done and are currently in the works  I wanted  to look at a few books I think should make the change to film.

Bare in mind that this is not a list of my favorite books but ones I feel would be relevant and would succeed if made into a movie. There are some books that I have excluded because I believe they would be perfect for a television series instead. Without any further ado I would like to present to you my list.

The first book up for discussion today is To all the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han. This book is a beautiful coming of age story of a girl who is learning to discover herself while her sister goes away to college. She begins to write letters to all the boys that she has had feelings for throughout the years. It’s a beautiful story and with movies like The Edge of 17 coming out and the popularity of Paper Towns, it would be the perfect choice to be made into a movie. In a movie world usually dominated by Caucasian male leads, the protagonist is a teen girl of Asian descent. A racial group that is highly underrated in the world of Hollywood. The movie would attract a diverse audience and would welcome a portion of society that is not represented nearly enough. If this were to be made into film you would be sure to see me at the theater opening weekend.

Goose Girl by Shannon Hale is a retelling of an old fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. This is the first book in the series and contains a unique twist of magic. Certain people in the books have the ability to speak to the elements. Some can control fire, some water and air and so one. There are a however, a few that can control people. With the fantasy setting and the use of magic I feel that these books would fit right in on a movie screen. While the books could be classified as young adults, they are written in a way  they can be enjoyed by an audience of all ages. There are also not a lot of young adult fantasy movies currently on the market which is a true shame. I know not everyone enjoys fantasy but I believe there are enough lovers of the genre that would make it worth it.

The last book to movie adaptation I would love to see is Long Lankin by Lindsey Barraclough. The book centers around an entity that devastates a small town, rocking it to its very core. It was a slow building horror story that kept me up all night too terrified to sleep or turn off the lights. The story is entirely unique and keeps you guessing through the entire book. Like Stranger Things,  the main characters are children but the book was perfect for an older audience as well. It didn’t use your typical horror story tropes and the setting would be absolutely perfect for a horror movie. 

There is always going to be that initial excitement followed by trepidation when you hear your favorite book is being made into a movie. Sometimes they destroy the book as in the cases of  World War Z  and The Percy Jackson books but sometimes they get it so heart-breakingly right, like with Gone Girl and The Time Travelers Wife. You never really know, but you can always hope. There is always going to be a small part of me that wants every book I love to be made into a movie, but it might not happen and that’s okay. Because sometimes the scenes that play out in my mind are so much better than they could ever be on film.

So what about you? Do you think the books listed above would translate well on the big screen or do you have your own that you would love to see as a movie? What do you think of the popularity to make movies based off of books? Let me know in the comments below. I hope this week’s topic wasn’t too boring, my writer’s block was strong today but I try to always write, no matter what. I hope you all have a great rest of your weeks I will see you all Wednesday!


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